Duped by fraudulent ad by Splus Technologies, LLC


On June 22, I ordered what I thought was a laptop computer from a company named Splus Technologies operating out of Grand Prarie, Texas.I just received the package today and now realize that what I ordered was only a covering for the Dell screen, not a computer.

The way the ad was presented made it appear that I would be getting a computer.

I thought that $14.95 was a fantastic price for a laptop, but I was directed to their web page via the EBay web site and have heard that you can sometimes get deals like that on EBay.I am trying to warn other unsuspecting individuals so that they are not duped the way I was by Splus Technologies.

Michael Murphy

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #670104

I have never used this company but did go to their website because I wanted to try to find one of those cheap computers.All I found for 14.95 were a bunch of cases that were clearly marked as cases.

Not sure where you thought you saw it was a laptop, unless they sold out of them.

I would report it to the BBB so that they themselves can go in and see that the ads are clealy marked and then they can clear this business of this accusation.I guess the lesson learned is you need to read everything thoroughly and yes, even the fine print.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #670099

I would report it to the police & BBB. Yes, I'm sure you can get cheap computers as I have seen older ones sell very cheaply. The attorney general of Texas should also be told.

to Lyn Boston, Massachusetts, United States #670108

I agree, you should report this to the BBB and Attorney General.That way they can go to the website themselves and see that the ads are clearly marked.

I saw many laptop cases for 14.95 and not one laptop for that price. The company sells products from many other companies besides Dell and many top brands. I am sure if they were duping consumers out of money, they would not be selling the products they do. I suggest you read the ads thoroughly before you shop.

As for cheap old computer. Please post some sites here of where I can get one for my granddaughter.

BTW The shipping time on your duping was fantastic.I see you say you ordered this on June 22 and you already posted you got the item.

Greenfield, Minnesota, United States #670088

How could anyone really think they would get a laptop for under 15.00!?!! :x

to cmelton Elkridge, Maryland, United States #670575

Not reading the description and they put the wrong image.

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